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Its name is taken from the Irish - paroiste na fiacailem, meaning the parish of the tooth. The village is a popular spot for anglers, being set deep within a region of lakes, rivers, mountains, moorland and sheltered valleys.

It is the largest parish in the county comprising about 30,000 statute acres.

About two thirds of the land of Feakle is arable while the remainder is made up of course mountain pasture, waste, bog and 300 acres of woodland. It presents a glorious vista with a succession of mountains and valleys within which sits the beautiful Lough Graney, the 'lake of the sun'. Feakle is surrounded by other lakes making it a fisherman's delight.

The village hosts the world famous Traditional Irish Music Festival every August with visitors and musicians from every corner of the globe . More information can be obtained from Mr Gary Pepper , Peppers Pub , Feakle , Co. Clare , Ireland . Your Host Karen is also a member of the Feakle Festival Commitee .

5 days of traditional music, song, dance, workshops, lectures, concerts, sessions, ceilis. This runs from 10-August-2000 Until 14-August-2000

FOLKLORE Brian Meriman (1749-1805) immortalised Lough Graney in a satirical comedy he wrote called The Midnight Court. In it he tells the tale of the hero being awakened by a hideous hag and brought by her to the shore of Lake Graney. Here he faces the court of the Fairy Queen of Feakle. He along with all the male population of the area, including the celibate clergy, are accused by Queen Aiobheal of Craglea of their inability to procreate or fulfil the marital needs of the female population of the area. The author of this most famous of Irish poems has been claimed by many areas of Clare, but Brian who spent all of his life teaching, is buries here in Feakle. The Merriman Society has erected a monument in his memory in the local graveyard and the Merriman Summer School was commenced in his honour.

Feakle is doubly famous as the place in which the poet Brian Merriman taught as a School-master and as the home of Biddy Early, the wise woman or witch about whom Augusta Lady Gregory collected much traditional lore and published it in her Visions and Beliefs of the West of Ireland. Brian Merriman was neither born nor did he die in Feakle (born Ennistymon 1749, died Limerick 1805) but he chose to be buried here where he had spent many years and made the location and background of his only major work, a long poem in Irish entitled, Cuirt an Mhean Oiche (The Midnight Court).

DROMORE LAKE Dromore Lake in Feakle is a fine fishing spot and has a wealth of roach, bream and trench to keep the serious angler and lazy-day fisherman happy There are three roads that encompass the sides of the lake. A river flows from the lake which is 18 feet above the level of the Shannon and falls into the Shannon River at Scarriff Bay.

LOUGH GRANEY Lough Graney in Feakle is the largest lake in the county. Lough Derg is shared with the other counties of Tipperary, and Galway. This lovely stretch of water takes its name from the Irish meaning the lake of the sun. To the east of the lake is Flagmount and to the west is Killanena, both of which are now combined in the one Roman Catholic parish, that of Killenena-Flagmount The lake is in a centre well known for its game. Grouse, pheasant, partridge, woodcock and wild duck are plentiful here and occasionally the traveller will come across wild deer. Domestic deer from Dromoland or Portumna often make their way here to breed with wild deer from the Slieve Aughty Mountains.

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Martin Hayes was born in 1961 in Maghera, Co. Clare, into a musical family; his grandmother played concertina, his uncle Paddy Canny was national fiddle champion and his father is now celebrating a half century as fiddler and leader of the Tulla Ceili Band, probably the best known of Irish ceili bands and major stars of the dance band scene of the 50s and 60s. It was no surprise that the young Martin, who got his first half-sized fiddle at the age of 7 would follow in the family footsteps, going along to Tulla Ceili band gigs and later joining in. He played with the TCB for some 7 years and was also active in competition, winning a half-dozen all-Ireland fiddle championships (2 of them in the senior competition) and a whole slew of other awards. He learned his music from his neighbours and relations, rather than records and big-name groups, picking up the slow, lyrical Clare style. After college and a spell setting up his own business, he moved to Chicago and took up the fiddle again after a dry spell. He spent a number of years playing on the local circuit as well as playing with the short-lived rock band, Midnight Court. His success in Chicago made him one of the best known fiddlers in America and lead to his first US album, on the Green Linnet label. He is now based in Seattle, tours extensively and continues the oral tradition by teaching, both in the US and in the Willie Clancy summer school, at home in Clare.


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bed and breakfast country inns ireland travel

bed and breakfast country inns ireland travel